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LifeLive Reveals Its New XC Cross Car TN11 In The Best Way

By 23. May 2023May 31st, 2023No Comments

LifeLive reveals its new XC Cross Car TN11 in the best way

For the past year, LifeLive has been working on the development of its new XC Cross Car chassis, recently launched as the TN11.

An announcement that surprised many

2 weeks ago, LifeLive made a big announcement by unveiling its new race car: the TN11. An FIA approved XC Cross Car chassis, designed to take the start of the various Autocross and Rallycross championships around the world. This chassis takes over from the TN5, which has proven itself over the years.

LifeLive announces the release of 2 TN11 for the moment, intended for its 2 official drivers: David Méat (2 times European XC Cross Car Champion and winner of the Motorsport Games 2022) and Marcello Gallo (4 times winner of the RX Italia Championship) who took the start of the European XC Cross Car Championship 2023 in Seelow in Germany.

An announcement that has raised a lot of interest, indeed a few months ago LifeLive announced the recruitment of David Méat which had already created a lot of interest around the company. The season was approaching fast and many thought that LifeLive would leave with its usual TN5 but nobody expected this announcement.

The feedback was very positive and everyone was excited to see what it could do on the track, against the large field of 36 drivers engaged in the European XC Cross Car Championship.

A chassis already well born after its first release

2 weeks ago, LifeLive went to Seelow in Germany, to start the European Championship with its 2 official drivers and their TN11 and the team of its dealer LifeLive Iberica composed of Miguel Gayoso (winner of the Cross Car Academy Trophy 2022) and Ivan Ares (Rally driver in Spain) on board their TN5. We also had the presence of Karl-Heinz Dahm, a LifeLive customer who was driving his TN5.

The TN11 wins from the beginning of the weekend with a first place in timed practice for David Méat. A very good performance from the beginning of the weekend which greatly strengthens the whole team. Then follows the 3 qualifying heats with a 4th place for David Méat and a 15th place for Marcello Gallo. These positions allow them to be qualified for the semi-final where David Méat finishes at the 2nd place and Marcello Gallo at the 5th place, just to have their tickets for the final but unfortunately Marcello was disqualified for a rear towing strap that was not present on the chassis.

David started the final on the 2nd row of the starting grid. At the first turn he came out 3rd which was already an incredible performance in the eyes of the team, but he didn’t give up and hung on until the end, catching the two drivers in front of him and taking the first place on the finish line.

This weekend, David has just achieved a feat by demonstrating once again to the public that he is the best driver to date and that he made a very good choice by joining LifeLive because his chassis works wonderfully!

A team with a smile!

Over the past few weeks, the team has been working hard to complete the preparation and tuning of these two new cars on time. A few days of testing also took place on several tracks to prepare for the season. This victory is the reward for the work done and LifeLive is already working on new features to be even more ready for the second round which will also take place in Germany in Matschenberg from June 23 to 25.

Discover the first race in Seelow in videoSeelow - Round1 - TN11 - European Cross Car Championship

Interested in a TN11?

Currently the TN11 is not yet commercialized but it is possible to pre-order it. We are in the process of establishing its customer price but you can already get information by contacting us by email :