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The XC Cross Car is a „buggy“ type vehicle composed of a multitubular steel frame and a motorcycle engine (600 or 750 cubic). This combination makes it the ideal Cross Car for beginners. In particular, the low acquisition and upkeep costs and the simple maintenance make the XC Cross Car attractive to youngsters and amateurs. Beginners, too, can realize their potential behind the wheel or simply experience the pure pleasure of driving. Gravel, asphalt and ice – the XC Cross Car easily adjusts to different surfaces.


World Association pushes Newcomer

With the aid of the powerful support of the International Automobile Federation “FIA”, the amateur field will grow tremendously and really liven up the European and national championships. Together with the Belgian automobile association „RACB“, a new XC championship was also inaugurated in Belgium, in order to facilitate the pathway for youths to reach the top of the World Rallycross Championship “WRX” or the World Rally Championship “WRC”.


High quality brakes on all four wheels - for better stability and braking efficiency.


Choose among three brands of engines, so you can count on your car: Yamaha R6, Suzuki GSXR 600 & 750 or the Kawasaki ER6 engine for youngsters.

Fuel Tank

Choose between the FIA FT3 safety tank and a simple aluminium tank.

Roof Spoiler

More aerodynamic for increased contact pressure and lateral stability on curves.


A higher, broader cockpit for more safety and lets bigger drivers fully enjoy the TN5.


Our specially designed rims for better axis geometry and easy handling.


Freely adjustable pedal unit and steering wheel position.

Shock Absorbers

Lightweight damper adjustable in three positions with WRC-technology.

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