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LifeLive news at the beginning of the season

By 12. April 2023May 31st, 2023No Comments


LifeLive news at the beginning of the season

The LifeLive team’s winter break was short-lived as the season started up again only a few weeks ago with many projects on the agenda for 2023.

Mettet : Round1 Belgian XC Cross Car Championship

Sunday, March 5th, the 2023 season of the Belgian XC Cross Car Championship started. This year, LifeLive has 3 official drivers:

  • Lucas Cartelle, Junior
  • Romuald Demelenne, Senior
  • Tom Heindrichs, Senior

Overall, they have made a good start to the season, finishing respectively 2nd, 7th and 4th. Promising results that announce great battles not to be missed.

In addition to the 3 official drivers, LifeLive has many customers driving their TN5s in the championship this year. Their presence is important for the company to promote the efficiency of its CrossCar, which they do very well considering the results.

Especially Nathan Ottink (picture 1 below) who recently acquired his chassis and finished with a great 2nd place here in Mettet.

South Belgian Rally : Round1 Stellantis Cup

LifeLive is growing step by step, projects are piling up and the latest one is the mechanical service and maintenance between each race in its workshop of an Opel Corsa Rally 4 which has just taken its first start in the Stellantis Cup on March 17 and 18 at the South Belgian Rally with Tom Heindrichs and his co-driver Jonas Schmitz on board. Together, they will participate in all the races of the cup.

This first rally was a big surprise for everyone, as they take the first place in Junior and the 4th place in Stellantis Cup. A great performance for these two young drivers that we will have to follow closely this year.

Presence at the open day of the Technifutur education center at Spa Francorchamps

The company, looking for new car mechanics to complete its team, was present at a day organized by the education center Technifutur to promote its activities and meet young people who are preparing to enter the world of work.

LifeLive is always looking for :

  • Full-time automotive mechanics

Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you are interested in applying:

10 TN5 under production that will soon leave for Qatar

The company’s team of mechanics is finalizing the order for 10 Cross Car TN5s that will be shipped to Qatar. We are close to the finalization and they should leave by the end of the month.

Les Bruleurs de Gomme : exhibition on the Spa Francorchamps track

A few kilometers away from the LifeLive workshops, the unmissable “Bruleurs de Gommes” event took place this past weekend, bringing together thousands of visitors and participants every year. It is a trackday weekend on the mythical circuit of Spa Francorchamps, with also many exhibitors who come with their most beautiful cars and many animations around to make it a lively event.

This year, LifeLive participated in the event by exhibiting 2 Cross Car TN5 and 2 rally cars of Thierry Neuville. They also realized a drift show in Cross Car with Thierry Neuville and a guest of mark: Raul Marchisio who is very known on the social networks in France at the moment and is a former rally driver in Italy. The numerous present spectators were able to discover the Cross Car and took full eyes of it.

The objective was to make known the company and its main activity.