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Everything About Motorsports

LifeLive was founded in 2016 with the aim of establishing itself in motorsport in a serious and professional manner. The enterprise is headed by Yannick Neuville, who received the support of his brother Thierry Neuville, a long-standing and experienced devotee of motorsports.

A brand-new workshop offers LifeLive new opportunities and helps owner Yannick and his team with the realization of their goals.

Engine department

Your engine or your dampers needs a rebuild, an inspection or better performance? We’ve got the necessary equipment and know-how to address your concerns.

Electric department

Our fully equipped electronics division provides our technicians with the opportunity to work in a clean, modern environment – optimum conditions for the development of new driving technologies.


With over 500 m², our warehouse makes it possible to store components and replacement parts for up to 30 cars.


We have a processing and welding division for fast repairs and undercarriage welding.


Driving the TN5 feels like pure racing. The first time I jumped into a Cross Car, I felt like I did at the beginning of my career, when I lived by the motto "JUST FOR FUN". The TN5 gives me the same kind of speed sensation I get from my Rallye-Auto. The cockpit was built according to the latest FIA guidelines. This way, I feel absolutely secure.

Thierry Neuville(Driver for Hyundai Motorsports in the Rallye Championship)

I’m a race driver and my main goal is to win at everything I do. The first time I got into the TN5, I felt good from the get-go and I could push things to the limits really quickly. This car is great for both professionals and amateurs, who are just looking for pure driving fun.

Timmy Hansen(Driver in the WRX World Rallycross Championship)

The TN5 was developed to make setup changes and maintenance as quick and easy as possible. No special tools were needed and the simple access to all components makes my work easier than ever. I tell everybody who wants to spend more time driving than tinkering to get the TN5.

Markus Meyer(Head mechanic)

Custom your TN5 with our configurator

Custom your individual Cross Car