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Toyota GR Yaris Rally2

We’ve recently acquired a Toyota GR Yaris Rally2, a car that has already made a number of rally appearances in early 2024, and promises great things. Recently homologated by the FIA and now on the market, we’re proud to be able to offer this Yaris Rally2 for rental for the rally of your choice, including an “all in” service to best meet your requirements.


Engine Type 3-cylinder in-line, turbocharged
Displacement 1,618.2 cm3
Bore x stroke 87.5 mm x 89.7 mm
Inlet flange 32 mm, in compliance with FIA regulations
Transmission 5-speed sequential gearbox
4X4 transmission, limited-slip differential
MacPherson front/rear suspension

Dirt: 300 mm discs
Asphalt: 355 mm/300 mm discs
Chassis Length 3,995 mm
Width 1,820 mm
Height adjustable
Weight 1,230 kg (with spare wheel) in compliance with FIA regulations


Our Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 is available for rental for the rally of your choice. We will study any request and together we can draw up a personalized quote to suit your needs.

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