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LifeLive rally presence with a Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 ?

By 9. March 2024March 11th, 2024No Comments

LifeLive is now taking the step into modern rally car rental with the all-new Toyota GR Yaris Rally2!

This is a new step for the Belgian company. Originally known for FIA XC Cross Car manufacturing, the company had recently added a rally car rental service including 2 BMW M3 E30 and an Opal Corsa Rally4. The presence of this new Yaris Rally2 in the workshop completes the services already available.

BMW M3 E30 by LifeLive

Having acquired a strong experience in rallying, this is a very important phase in the company’s development. This car is no coincidence as the team has always wanted to be seriously and professionally involved in the world of motorsports and rallying. LifeLive has already all the necessary infrastructure to start renting the car right away and in the best possible conditions to guarantee the success of this project.

This new project does not sideline the rest of the company’s other businesses; on the contrary, there are many synergies between XC Cross Car and rallying, particularly in the infrastructure and equipment usage. It is a new string that Yannick Neuville and his team are adding to their bow to continue satisfying customers expectations.

We are proud to welcome this magnificent new Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 to our fleet of vehicles. When the opportunity of adding this car to our structure arose, we rapidly seized it as the company was seriously envisioning such a development. Our objective remains the same: to offer a serious, high-quality service to meet our customers’ demands.

Yannick NeuvilleLifeLive’s Managing Director

LifeLive’s Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 is now available for rental for the rally of your choice, including an “all-in”.

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